Energy efficiency, development of co-products, quality, maintenance: France Evaporation evaluates and audits the performance of any facility involving evaporation, crystallization and stripping.

Process Expertise

Studies and auditing are used to optimise the integration of a new process into an existing facility. This optimisation focuses on energy efficiency, capacity and cost of production.

Our consultancy services and expertise allow the definition of the most efficient process for improving an existing facility or designing a new process. Our experts work in the field with your teams to come up with the best solutions and bring their unique evaporation, crystallisation and distillation experience.

Our teams work based on your goals for performance and costs with a real multidisciplinary approach: mechanical, thermal, fluid, Chemicals, materials, processes, control, maintenance, etc.

This expertise can be based on laboratory tests and pilots.

Energy efficiency and performance

France Evaporation has specific expertise in improving the energy efficiency of evaporation and crystallisation facilities to minimise operating costs.

Reuse of by-products

Our processes aim to maximise the economic performance of your facilities by reusing the by-products.

Environmental quality

France Evaporation develops processes for the most demanding manufacturers in terms of environmental and energy quality.