With over 20 years of experience, France Evaporation develops high performance solutions for the treatment and recycling of leachate.
Our teams design, test, manufacture and monitor complete, sustainable and efficient facilities, allowing for maximum reductions in the volume of leachate.
With a rapid investment return, our solutions mobilise the most energy efficient and innovative evaporation, concentration and distillation technologies for energy recovery from biogas.

The best evaporation and distillation technologies

Through advanced technologies mobilised by our teams (falling films, forced circulation), our facilities get maximum concentrations and can divide up to 100 times the volume of leachate treated: the concentrate obtained can be easily neutralised and stored.

The concentration performances of our facilities remain stable over time: little dirt and no flow reduction. Their lifespans are 4 to 5 times greater than those of membrane systems with a very low failure rate.

Good energy efficiency

Our facilities benefit from ongoing research on the improvement of energy efficiency: mechanical vapour compression, multi-pass circuit, etc.

They use thermal energy from biogas by cogeneration, enabling dual energy recovery. In addition: premium energy efficiency and a reduction in TGAP.

Full treatment of residues

Our stripping and oxidation technologies recover and neutralise ammonia nitrogen effluents.

The essential link of reverse osmosis plants

The inverse membrane and osmosis technologies suffer regular performance drops: clogging, low speed, rise in pressure, overloaded retentates, etc.

France Evaporation technologies complement these systems to quickly treat 100% of your effluents by significantly reducing your maintenance costs, with a concentration rate of 5 to 10 times higher.

Leachate treatment evaporationLeachate treatment evaporation

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