Our interventions are based on experienced and detailed project engineering to minimise risks and delays inherent to complex industrial facilities.
France Evaporation's teams combine engineers and industrial designers to size and define the process and equipment. In order to structure the entire project, we integrate constraints relating to engineering, building and utilities.
The engineer is in charge of defining the project in all its facets, the overall process maintenance operations, to guide development from the start and facilitate technical optimisation.
This is also a crucial step to coordinate stakeholders and professions, increase productivity and maintain budgets.

A turnkey project

As part of a turnkey project, France Evaporation can integrate by relying on trusted partners:

  • the upstream and downstream processes:  
    • active charcoal treatments    
    • drier
    • phase separation    
    • oxidation
    • biological and physicochemical treatment    
  • production of utilities:  
    • heater
    • cooling water (dry or wet)
    • compressed air    
  • project works  
    • civil engineering
    • building    

Continuous monitoring from the proposal to execution

The engineering teams monitor each facility until it is commissioned providing available and fully informed agents throughout the project.