France Evaporation is a specialist in the treatment and recycling of digestates and manure. We are developing the most performing and most sustainable solutions for concentration and recycling on the market. Complete and user friendly, our solutions will reduce your operation costs.

A global solution for valorization of manure and digestates in an economical loop

digestate schema


picto euro An economical solution

  • Reduction in the digestate volume
  • Reduced costs for transport, storage and spreading
  • Optimum re-use of products: fertilizer, amendments and biomethane


picto legal A regulatory solution

  • Optimisation of spreading plans
  • Purification for discharge into the natural environment


picto agro An eco-friendly solution

  • Separation of the elements, N, P and K
  • Development of targeted fertilizers, with high agricultural value
  • Nitrogen fertilizers: ammonium sulphate/nitrate, ammonia water
  • Organic-based amendments


picto energy A low-energy solution

  • Optimisation of the plant’s yield
  • High performance technology: Mechanical Vapour Re-compression (MVR)


picto time A sustainable solution

  • High level performance, steady over time
  • Little sensitivity to variations in the input
  • Very low breakdown rate


picto green An ecological solution

  • Optimised energy consumption
  • Maximum recycling of by-products
  • Complete purification of discharged products


  • 90% reduction in volume on average
  • Service life greater than 25 years

Illustration lisiers et élévage de porcs et de vaches

France Evaporation innovation

An innovative process for the recovery and recycling of energy, which boosts the overall performance of the plant.

  • 100% of the biomethane recovered in injection
  • Up to 50% reduction in overall energy consumption

digestate schema

Experience and expertise

France Evaporation brings together a complete team of engineers specialised in the treatment of digestates and manure. It ensures you a global approach to your problems.

Experts in evaporation and concentration technologies

Complete and global intervention

25 years experience

  • Unique expertise on the market
  • Feedback which secures your projects

Great ease of use and maintenance

  • 100% automated units
  • Controlled maintenance

Compact units

  • Incorporation into all types of sites
  • Without environmental nuisance (noise, odours, etc.)


France Evaporation is a partner of BiogazVallée
France Evaporation is a BioGaz Vallée partner



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