Safer and more sustainable

The IFC® technology avoids contacts between crystals and pumps or agitators built into the crystallizer without reducing or altering their circulation. At stake: a very significant reduction in the rate of failure and very streamlined maintenance transactions.

IFC® specifically meets the needs of markets:

  • average size of larger crystals
  • better distribution of size   

Crystals with larger sizes for maximum upgrading

IFC® ensures an average crystal size (D50) greater than that obtained by a crystallizer.

A high quality production through an excellent distribution of crystal size

The size distribution of the crystals obtained by crystallizing IFC® is close to the average size, the amount of fine is greatly reduced compared to other crystallization technologies.

The IFC® design allows a better control of secondary germination.

As such, the IFC® crystallizers guarantee a very high quality production, regular and simpler to develop in markets including the most demanding (pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, etc.).

A production of very reduced fine

IFC® produces less fines than other technologies in the market, from fines drying output is reduced. Typically, it is less than 3% against 10% for other technologies.

Energy efficiency

The IFC® technology provides crystal sizes equivalent or even higher to those produced by DTB crystallizer, but with a much lower energy consumption, in the case of a MVC / RMV unit.

IFC® in action

Several IFC® crystallizers were designed and launched in 2011.

  • For the production of Na2SO4, installation performances reach a d50 greater than 400μm (against a d50 of 250µm on other technologies).
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  • For the production of (NH4) 2SO4, the IFC® technology allows to obtain crystals with a d50 greater than 2 mm and a crystal distribution of 25%.
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