France Evaporation is one of the few actors in the market to develop pilot units in order to validate 100% of every evaporation, crystallisation or stripping process.

Evaporation France has a laboratory and a pilot hall. Test results guarantee the performance of the developed processes, including unprecedented concentration problems or technological innovations.

We also have the opportunity to develop pilots for specific applications.


Pilot units specifically allow the following operations:

  • produce a representative amount of the concentrated product to validate the system
  • produce a sufficient amount of condensates and check their quality
  • validate thermo-chemical data on the product
  • test and measure the operation of a pilot on the product after several hours, days or even weeks, including on-site   


Pilot units available:

  • 4 evaporation pilots, 30 kg/hr - 300 kg/hr of evaporation (2 mobiles units)
  • 2 stripping pilots (30 kg/hr and 300 kg/hr of treatment), 1 mobile
  • 1 IFC® crystallisation pilot   


Associated facilities:

  • launch tanks (heated or not)
  • centrifuge for crystals
  • drying of crystals