France Evaporation devotes a significant part of its activity to the development of new industrial applications. These activities are carried out in the laboratory and in direct partnership with several research teams.

Research laboratory

France Evaporation's Research and Development Laboratory is used to study the chemical and physical feasibility of the implementation of evaporation, crystallisation and distillation processes on all types of products.

Extensively equipped, the laboratory directly and quickly provides our teams with the necessary analyses for the design and validation of facilities: measurement of dry matter, COD, pH, conductivity, density, grain size, ammonia, etc.

The laboratory can also size the facilities on the basis of actual physical measurements to complement the simulation studies and numerical calculations.

Validation using pilot units

The results of the laboratory tests are completed with industrial pilot trials, a service only a few sector actors can offer. Our test units cover a wide range of technologies:

Research projects

France Evaporation devotes a large part of its investments to the development of new technologies. Several projects are currently under development:

  • a collaboration with EDF to develop a new type of high-temperature heat pump
  • industrial collaboration (biochemistry, biofuels, etc.)