With over 20 years of experience and 100 facilities, France Evaporation designs, tests and builds key industrial facilities for evaporation, crystallisation and distillation for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as the mining sectors and water and waste treatment.

A team of experts

Chemicals, biochemistry, thermal and mechanical engineering: France Evaporation brings together a complete team of engineers specialised in evaporation, crystallisation, distillation and stripping technologies.
Our team takes a comprehensive and professional approach to your problems, regardless of the industrial sector.
We enforce our expertise by constantly carrying out research dedicated to innovative applications of evaporation and crystallization (new products or process).

A global and comprehensive response

France Evaporation handles all your industrial projects with a suitable, precise and comprehensive methodology:

Quality, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency

With a rapid investment return, our solutions mobilize the most effective evaporation, concentration, distillation and stripping technologies and process.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Being flexible and modular, our installations easily adapt to your objectives, investment strategy and technical constraints (set-up, techniques, etc).