France Evaporation develops complete thermal solutions for production processes in the mining and metallurgical industries.
France Evaporation's evaporation and crystallisation systems are integrated into the recycling and recovery of by-products and water treatment (ZLD / release into the environment).

Evaporation France has specialised skills and extensive experience in producing potash, salt, soda, nitrate and sulphate as well as in the treatment and recovery of ammonium sulphate, sodium sulphate, nickel sulphate and sodium aluminate.

Our crystallisation technologies can be applied to the production of certain special metals and allow the recovery of valuable by-products: vanadium, tungsten, molybdenum, lithium chloride.

IFC®: a revolutionary crystallisation technology for the mining industry

France Evaporation has developed a patented technology that has very interesting crystallisation performances for the mining industry:

  • larger crystal size than that obtained by conventional technologies
  • excellent distribution of crystals
  • good energy efficiency   

Being very innovative, this technology is already deployed in the Pentaborate and decaborate production units.

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Our strengths

The multidisciplinary expertise and experience of our teams are major assets to rapidly develop the most suitable methods for your quality constraints, budget and industrial requirements.

The processes developed by France Evaporation combine evaporation, crystallisation and stripping to get maximum value from the products and by-products of the process.

Specialists in thermal energy, our teams have very advanced expertise in the optimisation of existing energy facilities including very large crystallisation and evaporation systems.