The forced circulation evaporator comprises a heat exchanger, a separator and a circulation pump.

The product is sent to the exchanger where it is heated and then sent to the separator. After evaporation, the liquid portion is pumped again to be resent to the exchanger.

The forced circulation evaporator is great for the following applications:

Insensitive to clogging

The circulating pump ensures high speed in the exchange tubes, reduces the amount of deposits on the walls and prevents evaporation, thus the risk of over-concentration.

Suitable for use with suspended materials

For products close to crystallisation, unlike the falling film evaporator, the forced circulation evaporator can work with suspended particles or the presence of crystals, without obstructing the exchange tubes.

Financial impact

The initial investment and the footprint of these facilities is higher than in the case of a falling film evaporator, which will often be preferred.