By profound definition of our expertise in evaporation and crystallization, water treatment is a major specialty of our teams, developed for over 20 years: washing water tanks and the end of production (chemical products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc.), ammonia solution, pig manure, laundry water and radioactive effluents.
Today, this specialty allows us to be at the forefront of the ZLD development process (Zero Liquid Discharge).
Our teams' experience covers all industrial sectors and a broad spectrum of effluents.

Objective: Zero Liquid Discharge

Recycling and water reuse are now priorities for industrial and environmental policies. In many industries, the goal is to achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

France Evaporation designs facilities to meet regulatory thresholds and the strictest industrial objectives in this area, notably for sectors producing fossil or nuclear energy, effluents from refineries, chemical production processes, mining effluents and ISDND leachates.

Technical performance and energy savings

Our ZLD systems combine evaporation and crystallisation technologies as well as all stripping possibilities to separate the volatile components from the condensate to neutralise or reuse them.

For these complex systems, Mechanical Vapour Compression technologies developed by our teams are widely used to minimise energy consumption and operating costs.