France Evaporation teams have just finished the commissioning of a leachates treatment unit. The capacity was increased from 65,000 tons to 125,000 tons.

After a first installation 2004 for an annual processing volume of 65,000 tons, the SUEZ group renewed its confidence in France Evaporation with the extension of the latter. The capacity was increased to 125,000 tons per year.

Equipped with a Vapour Mechanical Recompression, combined with the use of the hot water from the CHP (Combined Heat & Power), this unit has very low energy consumptions.

A stripping type post-treatment coupled with the destruction of ammonia in an oxydizer (France Evaporation patent) provides a condensate that can be rejected into the environment.

Contact our engineers to get more information about the effective solutions proposed by France Evaporation.

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